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  • Like all big game species, hunting during the rut is prime time.
  • Use your sows during the rut to harvest those big boars.
  • Know how to use the thermals to your advantage.
  • If you are set on an off color bear, hunt the right area.
  • Keep track of harvest records and genetics.
  • Condition your old bears to move during daylight hours.
  • In May, a lot of bears aren’t always a good sign.
  • If you have competition, harvest your big boar early.
  • Be ready for calving time competition.
  • If you choose to dog hunt, be certain your outfitter has a top notch dog program.


  • Select good locations to prevent bears from traveling too far.  If they are crossing roads/tails incidentals will kill them.
  • Use bait that is healthy.  It takes years to grow trophy bears.  If their teeth are gone they are done.  Candy/sugar type baits are bad news.
  • If you use bait containers use ones that won’t break off guard hairs.
  • A little regular bait is better than a lot once in a while.
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