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Salmon Idaho Bear Hunts
An Idaho Spring bear hunt is a great hunting adventure with Rawhide's Idaho bear guides. We are very fortunate here in Idaho that baiting is permitted and feel that is an important element of our Idaho Bear Hunts high success rate. This also allows us to be more selective about size and color. Due to the elevation and genetics, our bear are high quality, heavy nap and multi color. We have a wide variety of color phases ranging from black to cinnamon to blonde bears with a lot of white chest markings.

Our Idaho hunting areas consist of over 600 square miles and borders on the Frank Church Wilderness from Challis to Salmon, Idaho. This hunting area provides a huge opportunity to hunt many canyons that seldom get hunted, and has produced a very good supply of bear since we started outfitting in 1989. Our Idaho Bear hunts are conducted from three different bear hunting camps which you may choose from, a drive in hunting camp to be very mobile and two different pack in horse camps.

Rawhide Idaho Hunting Outfitters guided this successful bear hunt
Idaho Bear Hunting Trips
2018 Rates and Information
One on One Guided Hunt

6 day Bear Hunt……………………………$3,800.00
These prices are subject to 6% Idaho Sales Tax

Idaho Fish and Game Fees
(non-resident rates)

Idaho Bear tag……….…………………..$186.00

Hunting License………………………....$154.75
Our Idaho bear hunting outfitters use hunting methods which consist of baiting, glass and stalk, and/or hounds. With our bait type hunt we have two or three hunters per hunt with 14 active bait sites between the three camps. Tree stands and ground blinds are used depending on the weapon you choose; bow hunting, rifle or pistol.  Some hunters choose to bring all three and select the method according to the situation.  For example you may begin bow hunting for bear and if need be you can fall back on a rifle. 

Evening is the favorite time to bear hunt although we hunt the mornings as well. The middle of the day we check baits and trail timers. Spring bear hunting with our hound hunting method is very exciting as you listen to the baying of the hounds chasing a bear on a spring morning. In some areas we follow the dogs on horseback and some areas on foot. We run the dogs in the mornings and sit on baits in the evening. We use radio collars on the dogs to help in monitoring the chase.

We move our bait sites around and put fresh baits in from year to year as well as hunting the old reliable hunting sites that are known to produce large boars consistently.  We continue to add additional hunting areas to enlarge our bear harvesting opportunity.

Learn more about Idaho Bear Baiting and Hunting Tips

Our mountain wall tent bear hunting camps are very comfortable with a full time cook providing delicious and hearty home-cooked meals. Many of our bear hunters that harvest their bear early in the week enjoy further adventure by doing a guided fishing trip or white water rafting trip on the Salmon River. Check out these trips on our recreation site.

Physically Challenged Hunters
Hunting with disabilities, no problem, you can enjoy great success with our bear hunting techniques.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your hunt and dates and is due at the time of booking along with license and tag fees.  Remaining balance of hunt and applicable taxes are due 30 days prior to hunt dates! Deposits transferable if a replacement can be found before the purchase of hunting tags in depositors name.
  • Gratuities are not mandatory, however, it is customary to tip your guide and cook if you feel they did a good job for you.
  • Idaho Bear season is from April 15th through June 30th
Guided black bear hunts with our Family Operated, licensed Idaho Bear Hunting Guides
Choose Traditional or Modern Bow Hunting and/or Rifle Hunting Trips

Ready for an exciting Trophy Bear Hunt with our Family Operated Idaho Bear Hunting Outfitters who’s Hunting Guides CARE that you have the ultimate bear hunting experience?  Our family’s passion for providing the BEST bear hunt is addicting, creating bear hunting memories to last a lifetime!

Rawhide’s IDAHO BLACK BEAR HUNTING OUTFITTERS who’s professional Bear Hunting Guides lead guided archery bear hunting trips and rifle bear hunting trips near Salmon Idaho!

"I was looking for a spring Idaho bear hunt and I spent many hours researching...  I found Rawhide Outfitters who had an excellent reputation, a high success rate and was reasonably priced.  I took a nice chocolate colored bear on the second day over a well visited, and well maintained bait station.  My taxidermist told me that he hasn't seen a black bear cape in better condition.  I know I'll  be booking more hunts with Rawhide!"
Dennis Billet
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Ted from PA with his beautiful color phase black bear. 2013 spring bear hunt.Amber C from Utah with her nice 2012 big boar!Lyndon's Idaho Spring Bear Hunt harvested this bear with Rawhide Outfitters Hunting GuidesMark B from California and Rawhide Idaho Bear Guide Luke Cranney took this exceptional cinnamon colored boar at 100 yards a Remington 30.06Idaho Bear Hunting Outfitters photographed Todd and his black bear taken on a Rawhide bait with guide Luke Cranney.Avid hunter Joe W with his beautiful color phase black bear guided by Idaho bear hunting outfitters - Rawhide's Justin Cranney.Our Idaho bear guides with John who harvested this bear on his successful baited black bear hunting tripSteve Koerner and his son Arthur from Texas harvested this bear with Rawhide OutfittersRandy L, Utah with his 2012 black bearA pretty 2012 black bear
Idaho bear guides, Justin, bayed up this redish colored boar black bear with our awsome Rawhide hounds!
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