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“Of all the hunts I have ever been on, Rawhide Outfitters is by far the best.  They are easy going, hardworking people.  They wanted me to get my bear just as much as I did.  I don’t know what I enjoyed more:  Getting my bear or meeting the Cranneys.” 
George Watkins

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Ready for an exciting Bear Hunt with our Family Operated Idaho Bear Hunting Outfitters who’s Hunting Guides CARE that you have the ultimate bear hunting experience?  Our family’s passion for providing the BEST bear hunt is addicting, creating bear hunting memories to last a lifetime!
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Idaho Bear hunting trips reviews from hunters who hunted with Rawhide Outfitters Hunting Guides near Salmon Idaho. Join us for Spring black bear hunts!

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Our bear hunters share their past experiences...
"Rawhide Outfitters has provided the best hunting trips of my life.  Having hunted both bear and elk, I am amazed at the time and hard work that they put into baiting bear stations, building blinds, finding water springs, locating animals, setting up a comfortable camp and attending to every detail of the hunt.  I can honestly say that I have never met a more honest hardworking and pleasant family than theirs!” 

One of Rawhide Idaho bear guides Fred W and his dad Dave with Fred's 6' 5" cinnamon colored Idaho black bear.Idaho bear hunting with Rawhide was great fun showing Flynn C from Oregon with his exceptional 6 1/2 foot dark chocolate black bear.Bryan A with his exceptional archery black bear and Rawhide Idaho bear guide and owner John Cranney.Rawhide Idaho outfitters  baits produce a lot of bears.  Casey, another happy Rawhide bear hunter!Nick M with his first Idaho black bear.  Nick's dad Mike M and Rawhide Outfitters bear guide John Cranney were also on this bear hunt.Tony's Idaho 6'3" Idaho black bear on his Idaho black bear hunting trip with Rawhide OutfittersGuided by Justin Cranney of Rawhide Idaho Bear Outfitters, Trent C with a beautiful brown color phase black bear.  This bear is a great archery harvest with a white color blaze on its chest. Al, another  happy bear hunter guided by Rawhide Idaho Bear Outfitters! What a beautiful black bear with his white blazed  chest. This bear exceeded 6 ½ feet and was 300 lbs.
"Since 2001 my husband, Mark, has hunted with  Rawhide Outfitters experiencing some exciting hunting adventures harvesting some beautiful elk, bear, deer and a mountain lion.  As we’ve gotten to know the Cranney family, we knew Rawhide could provide the perfect vacation for our family.  Seven of our kids experienced an incredible, exciting adventure rafting two days on the Salmon River.  Mark’s hunting successes with Rawhide  peaked my new found interest in bow hunting, so I booked a hunt of my own! They even accommodated my six month old baby boy.  My bear hunt was a thrill!  After having a number of bears at point blank range, I shot a beautiful brown cinnamon bear.  I know we will be back for more outdoor adventures with Rawhide Outfitters!" Michelle Grupe (Click to enlarge picture at right)
Michelle Grupe shown with her brown cinnamon bear on her thrilling Idaho bear hunting trip!
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Hunting Bear Trips with Rawhide Outfitters Bear Hunting Guides showing 7 foot 6 inch bear weight 400 pounds
Largest bear ever taken by Rawhide Oufitters. It squared 7’6” and the 4 quarters and hide weighed 400 lbs.
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Cathy and John, just a few words to let you know how much I enjoyed my bear hunt.  I had a great time and Justin did a super job. The camps were all great, meals were more than I could ask for, and every stand I hunted was well set up for anyone shooting traditional equipment. I do not think there was a shot over 20 yards. I am checking the calendar for next spring to make sure I can work in another trip up, I had a great time. Thanks
J Isbell
Lubbock Field Service