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“Rawhide Outfitters made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of killing a bull elk with my bow.  The one-on-one guide to hunter ratio that you use is just great.  It allows you to develop a relationship with the guide that allows you to work as a team to get your elk.  Thanks again for a great trip.  I will certainly be glad to recommend Rawhide Outfitters to anyone looking for a successful bow hunting trip.”    
Bob Delk

"Everyone associated with Rawhide Outfitters demonstrates over and over outstanding wholesome integrity.  “The joy of the Lord is their strength!”  The first time I came for a hunt was in 2003 and I’ve been coming back just about every year since for either an elk or bear hunt, steelhead fishing or white water rafting.  Each trip has been an amazing quality adventure, being diverse, challenging, exciting and above all fun!  The fabulous food and excellent accommodations far surpass what I’ve experienced other places.  This past fall I was very grateful to accomplish my long time goal of harvesting a bull elk with my long bow.  I have much gratitude and appreciation for the Cranney family, for their friendship,  for always going the extra mile, for making my success and enjoyment their number one goal."
Steve Evans

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Ready for an exciting Elk Hunt with our Family Operated Idaho Elk Hunting Outfitters who’s Hunting Guides CARE that you have the ultimate elk hunting experience?  Our family’s passion for providing the BEST elk hunting experience is contagious, creating elk hunting memories to last a lifetime OR just until the next elk hunting season!
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Idaho Elk Hunting Outfitters - Rawhide Outfitters guide took a day off and connected with this great 6x6 archery bull elk.Long time Rawhide Idaho Elk hunting Outfitters client Gary S. from Maine with his awesome 7X6 bull elk.  Guided by Rawhide guide Luke Cranney who called this bugling bull in over 200 yards ending with an exciting shot sequence.Happy elk hunter Bob C.  from New Jersey with his 1st Rawhide archery bull elk called in by Idaho Elk Hunting Outfitters, Rawhide guides Justin and Luke Cranney.  It was an exciting 20 yard shot!Idaho Elk Hunting Guides - Long time Rawhide client Brad B. Sr.  with his archery bull elk.Idaho Elk Hunting Outfitters - Jim W.  from California with his 330 class 6X6 bull elk.  This is one of the three beautiful 6 point bulls he has taken with Rawhide Outfitters.Rawhide Outfitters Idaho elk guide Luke Cranney with his archery elk hunter John P.’s trophy elk.Tommy W. with his 300 class 6X6 bull elk guided by Rawhide Outfitters Idaho elk guide and owner John Cranney on this Rawhide permit rifle hunt.
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Rawhide's Idaho Elk Hunting Guides John Cranney and Duane B with his 6x6 bull elk
“I have elk hunted both archery and rifle with Rawhide Outfitters nine times and the Cranney’s continue to amaze me with the quality of their service.  John, Cathy, Justin and Luke’s attention to detail and hard work will make a hunt in the wilderness of Idaho an experience to be remembered forever.  The only downside is finding enough time to go again.  Simply put, I would not elk hunt with any other outfitter...”   Duane Brown
Long time Rawhide client Duane B with Rawhide guide and owner John Cranney and his beautiful 6x6 bull elk.
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