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IDAHO MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING OUTFITTERS. Rawhide Outfitters’ Family in Salmon Idaho are Experts in Mountain Lion Hunting and Cougar Hunts offering exciting, fully guided mountain lion hunting trips.

Mike and his awesome tom mountain lion guided by Rawhide's Idaho lion outfitters John and Justin Cranney.Top notch Idaho Rawhide Outfitters hounds treed this beautiful tom mountain lion for a great non-harvest photo session.Mark G took this exceptional tom mountain lion on his Idaho bow hunting trip after an exciting hound chase and a long hike up the mountain.  Hounds Andy and Tucker and Rawide guide John CranneySalmon Idaho Lion Outfitters, guide Justin Cranney holding up an exceptional tom mountain lion taken by local hunter Sherri G.  Hound dogs Amos and Andy treed.This young lion was a great candidate for some photography and winter time exercise for our Rawhide hounds.Todd L's successful Idaho mountain lion hunting trip guided by Rawhide Outfitters guide and owner John Cranney.
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Our lion hunters share their past experiences...
"Thank you for a most successful mountain lion hunt.  The professionalism that all of you exhibited in all you do certainly supports the reputation that you have gained.  Every day was methodically thought out and planned to the utmost degree of preciseness.  You shared your home and entire family making me feel that I was a part of it.  We had planned for an eight day hunt, but with all the planning, good dogs and a lot of luck, we were successful on the third day.  I was incredibly impressed with the ease of completing the process following the kill complete with a visit to the taxidermist all before 11:00 AM.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the hunt, and will highly recommend Rawhide Outfitters as the premier mountain lion guides in Idaho!"
Dave G - Pocatello, Idaho

"I met the Cranneys on a white water rafting trip in June 2010 with Luke and Aunt Rose. Our family had a tremendous time on the North Fork! I scheduled a mountain lion hunt with them shortly thereafter for December 2010. I had one of the best hunts of my life with the Cranney family. John and Cathy, along with Justin and Luke, worked so hard for me to have a successful hunt. They treated me like family, making me feel welcome in their home and on the hunt. I have some prior health issues, but they were able to work with my diet so I had very little problems. I have very rarely seen people work so hard to ensure I had a great time and successful hunt. Thanks so much for wonderful memories!"
Mike Tylavsky - Pensacola, Florida
Terrific trip, the guides were great and the dogs were well trained! This was the best adrenaline rush that I could ever have.  I would hunt with Rawhide Outfitters again in a heartbeat. When you are out their chasing a lion or a bear, you don’t even think about being tired, because the adrenaline rush is so fantastic, you don’t even think about being exhausted.  I was excited to get my cat on the first day of my two week hunt.
Sherri Goodman, Idaho
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I started hunting with John in 1990, and have been many times since. I have had family and friends that have gone with John and now his two boys also. Everyone and I mean everyone has had nothing but very high respect for the Cranneys. They care about the animals they hunt and care about their hunters. You can't help but call them friends after your first visit with them, I have and still do.
Gary Santos

“I had the best hunt of my life with Rawhide Outfitters.  It was amazing how hard they worked for me to make my hunt as meaningful and successful as possible.  My lion hunt was packed full of adventure, excitement, good food, hospitality and beautiful country.  To harvest such a beautiful tom on the third day of the hunt far exceeded my expectations!  Thanks for the GREAT memories and friendship.”   
Joe Woodcock

Idaho Elk Hunting Guides Outfitters, Book your Idaho Hunt with Rawhide Outfitters in Salmon Idaho
My lion hunt with you this year surpassed any expectations I had. The Cranny's have a work ethic unsurpassed by anyone else I know with exception only to the dedicated hounds that tracked the lions. The amount of country covered was spectacular and the photos I took throughout the hunt are something that help make a great adventure story to tell over and over. What an exciting time locating tracks, putting the dogs on the trail and watching them work, somethng I will never forget. I look forward to the next hunt with Rawhide Outfitters.
John McGee