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No sportsman's experience is complete until he has been on a successful Idaho mountain lion hunt.  You will find the majority of us Idaho hands in our free time on the track of a lion.  Why?  Because once you’ve experience it you will never forget it!  Our Idaho mountain lion outfitters do all to make our mountain lion hunts just that kind of experience. Rawhide Outfitters lion hunting units of 28, 29, 37-A and 36-B  are some of the best lion habitat available in the Western United States, having produced “book “ cats for years.  This Idaho area is prime wintering ground for elk, deer, sheep and goat. 

Our mountain lion hunting equipment is top-notch.  This includes Sate of the Art GPS tracking system, quick track tracking collars,  snow machines, 4x4 trucks and ATVs.  To save valuable time mountain lion hunting in Idaho we have designed and built a super fast loading and unloading system for our snowmobiles. 

And lets not forget the best hounds in the business!  Our mountain lion hunts season starts November 28 and goes through the end of March.   Our Salmon Idaho Hunting Guides are busy Pre-scouting prior to all hunts.  Hunters are not forced to harvest any lion in order to end the hunt. Our Idaho mountain lion hunts are 8 days.  It can be really cold this time of year so warm clothing is very important.   Our family owned Salmon Idaho Outfitters business includes John, Justin and Luke, with 45 accumulative years experience, who personally guide all of our mountain  lion hunts.
2018 Lion Hunting Rates & Information
One on One Guided Hunt

Cost for 8 day Mountain Lion Hunt……$6,200.00

These prices are subject to 6% Idaho Sales Tax

Idaho Fish & Game Fees
(non-resident rates)

Lion tag………………………$186.00
Idaho hunting license………..$154.75
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your hunt and dates and is due at the time of booking along with license and tag fees.  Remaining balance of hunt and applicable taxes are due 30 days prior to hunt dates! Deposits transferable if a replacement can be found before the purchase of hunting tags in depositors name.
  • Gratuities are not mandatory, however, it is customary to tip your hunting guide and cook if you feel they did a good job for you.
  • Hunting License and tags may be purchased across the counter; no quotas
Idaho Bear Guides John Cranney, assisted movie editor Craig T with this exceptional tom Mountain Lion Hunt success.
Our mountain lion hunts share their past experiences...more lion hunter reviews
Our past hunters share why hunting with Rawhide Outfitters professional Salmon Idaho Hunting Guides an experience to remember!

“The one word that comes to mind to describe my mountain lion experience is AWESOME!  When Gary and I booked this trip 3 years ago, we never could have dreamed we would harvest,  with archery equipment, 2 mature lions in one week, let alone one day.  It is quite apparent that lion hunting is a passion at Rawhide.  This is evidenced by the quality of the hounds and the passion and knowledge that Johnny and the boys possess when it comes to chasing lions.”   Todd Luecke

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IDAHO MOUNTAIN LION HUNTING OUTFITTERS. Rawhide Outfitters’ Family in Salmon Idaho are Experts in Mountain Lion Hunting and Cougar Hunts offering exciting, fully guided mountain lion hunting trips.

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Ready for exciting Mountain Lion Hunts with our Family Operated Salmon Idaho Lion Hunting Outfitters who’s Mountain Lion Hunting Guides CARE that you have the ultimate lion hunting experience?  Our family’s passion for providing the BEST mountain lion hunting experience is contagious, creating Mountain lion hunting memories to last a lifetime!
Rawhide Outfitters of Salmon, Idaho Listed in... PICKED-BY-YOU BOOKS feature the Top Rated outfitters in North America as rated and endorsed by the most qualified people - their past customers!  These listings cannot be bought, they must be earned by obtaining an A to A+ rating. Simply stated, the professionals listed in Picked-By-You Guides are the very best in the business.

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" My lion hunt with you surprassed any expectations I had. The Cranney's have a work ethic unsurpassed by anyone else I know with the exception only to the dedicated hounds that tracked the lions....What an exiting time locating tracks, putting the dogs on the trail and watching them work, something I will never forget. I look forward to the next hunt with Rawhide Outfitters.  
John McGee
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Accommodations include staying in wall tents equipped with a good size wood stove.  Quality and delicious meals are prepared on time and plentiful by a cook who also keeps camp warm! We have a list of our lion hunters you may call to see if our Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting trips are right for you.
Tim T from Washington proudly shows his Lion Harvested with Rawhide Outfitters guides. Pictured from Left to Right Guides Justin and John Cranney with hunter Tim T.Don L. from IN with his impressive 2014 Tom!Tim T from Washington with his mountain lion harvested in 2012 with Rawhide OutfittersIdaho Bear Outfitters Guide John Cranney along with hounds Jenny and Tucker assisted Movie editor, Craig T from California with his exceptional Tom Mountain Lion.Dan from Oregon with his wonderful "haired up" tom mountain lion, guided by John and Justin Cranney on this exciting Idaho mountain lion hunting trip.Don J with his nice Idaho mountain lion guided by Rawhides Idaho lion guides John and Justin CranneyDave Gebo and his lion
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Mountain Lion Hunting in Idaho
Long time friend and client Scott C from
Oregon 2014/15 season hunt with Rawhide guides Justin and John Cranney.

Light snow in the mountains made this Idaho mountain lion hunt especially thrilling!
Idaho Elk Hunting Guides Outfitters, Book your Idaho Hunt with Rawhide Outfitters in Salmon Idaho
James L from MO harvested 3rd day of the hunt and the hounds had quite a challenge due to lack of snow and steep rocky terrain.
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