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Physically Challenged Black Bear Hunting in Idaho
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If you are physically challenged in anyway but love to enjoy the woods and hunt give us a call. We can make provisions for you especially with bear.  Due to the fact that we can bait in Idaho, it is a real plus for you.  This is because we have many places where bear work baits and where the bear comes to you. 

In the course of your bear hunt you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery with a host of wildlife, birds and animals.  Your chance of harvesting a trophy bear is as good as anyone. 

We have the finest guides and equipment to help you in every way!
Please call for details.
See more testimonials from our hunters who achieved big game hunting success in Idaho.   Just click on bear hunting, elk hunting and lion hunting pages to see for yourself why hunts with Rawhide Outfitters offers each hunter the best opportunity to harvest a quality bear, elk, mule deer, mountain lion or bobcat.

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"When Jason was young we always talked about one day going elk hunting in the mountains.  But when Jason had his car accident that left him in a wheel chair, we thought that it would not be possible.  But when Rickey Willingham told us about Rawhide Outfitters we decided to give it a try.  Johnny & Justin exceeded my wildest expectations on the hunt.  The camp was on a beautiful level spot, they built a handicap accessible bathroom in the middle of nowhere and had 4 wheelers to hunt from.  I have hunted a lot over the years and I don’t think I have ever seen 2 guys work so hard for their clients.  We would hunt in the morning and have an excellent lunch then hunt the evening and have a great dinner.  I had no idea you could cook that kind of dinners in the mountains.  Even though Jason had shooting opportunity, things didn’t line up to harvest an elk.  We are definitely coming back to try again!"
Pat & Jason Bishop
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